IDEAs and Services

Consultative/Legal Services

RISE provides consultative and/or legal services on a daily, weekly, hourly or annual basis, depending upon the needs of the agency and the project at hand.  Consultative and legal services may include activities such as:

-Day-to-day advice or consultation as needed via telephonic, video conference or email consultation
-Attendance at meetings with school personnel to review potential cases and develop strategies for preventing or addressing special education disputes

-Review of educational documents to ascertain potential legal concerns

-Attendance/representation at formal meetings -- e.g., IEP meetings, 504 team meetings, resolution meetings, mediation, etc.

-Develop, review or revision of policies, procedures, rules or regulations, including IDEA or Section 504 procedures and manuals and/or forms 

-Assistance to and consultation with school board attorneys regarding strategies for resolving or handling potentially or already litigious matters

-Assistance in locating and retaining nationally-recognized evaluators/experts in areas such as, but not limited to, autism, evaluation, LRE/inclusion, behavior, procedural compliance, Extended School Year Services, discipline, learning disabilities and Section 504

-Representation, if necessary, in formal proceedings, such as resolution sessions, mediation, due process hearings, court proceedings, etc.  NOTE:  Julie and Leslie are members of the State Bars of Alabama and Georgia only.  If asked to provide legal services in other jurisdictions, the applicable rules of the court, agency or applicable State Bar are followed

- IDEA/504/ADA training for educators, mediators, hearing officers, LEA Representatives or other IEP team members, parent groups, etc., including RISE-sponsored Conferences and Legal Retreats

Training/Workshops/Webinars for School Districts and Other Educational Agencies/Groups

RISE's attorneys are available for staff development, training or workshops to educators, mediators, hearing officers, LEA Representatives and other IEP team members or parent groups on a local and national basis.  In addition, RISE conducts its own regional conferences and local workshops. Commonly requested training programs or workshops include, but are not limited to:

Special Education Obligations in Light of COVID-19

LEArn & LEAd training for LEA Representatives and other IEP Team members

Hot Topics in Special Education Law/Recent Court and Agency Decisions

Addressing the Needs of Students with Mental Health Issues

The Rules of Discipline for Students with Disabilities and Their Practical Implications
Bullying and Disability Harassment

Staying out of Legal Hot Water: Practical Tips for Avoiding Special Education Legal Disputes (What to Say; What not to Say!)

Avoiding Conflict for Compliant IEP Meetings

Educating Students with Autism

The Role of Regular Education Teachers in Educating Students with Disabilities

Recent Court/Agency Decisions:  Special Education Legal Update

Extended School Year Services:  The Legal Requirements
Developing Defensible IEPs
Section 504 Myths and Realities
The Requirements of Section 504:  Basic and Advanced Issues
Child-Find Requirements, "Referral Red Flags" and MTSS/RtI
IDEA Part C/Part B training for hearing officers and mediators 

Avoiding Claims of Retaliation

The Availability of Money Damages as a Remedy in Special Education Cases

Legal Requirements Related to the Development and Implementation of FBAs and BIPs

Serving Students with Disabilities in the Regular Classroom:  LRE/"Inclusion"

The Provision of Transition Services under the Law:  Is There Life After Special Education? 

Residential/Private School Placement:  Who Goes, Who Pays?
Independent Educational Evaluations:  FAQs

Procedural Safeguards and Parent Rights under IDEA

Prior Written Notice Requirements under IDEA

Other Relevant Legal Topics in Special Education

To schedule a workshop or training session, contact RISE at 251-607-7377 or email Julie at or Leslie at