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LEArn & LEAd:  An Intensive, One-Day Training Program
for LEA Representatives!

Julie Weatherly and Dr. Sally Earnest of Earnest Facilitations, LLC have co-developed LEArn & LEAd, a one-day training program designed for those who serve as IEP Team LEA Representatives, including School Administrators.  Based upon the combined experiences of a legal and a special education practitioner, Julie and Sally have created this program to train LEA Representatives on their legal and professional job duties as what can be the most important school district member of an IEP Team—i.e., the "meeting process leader."  

This information-packed day of training provides LEA Representatives with suggested tools, strategies and interventions that can assist them in fulfilling their role and responsibility as the meeting's process leader to broker communication; to ensure that all IEP Team members, including parents, are provided the opportunity for meaningful participation and input; to use effective interventions, tools and strategies for getting an IEP Team back on track when potential legal mishaps (“Critical Action Times” a/k/a “CATs") occur; to prevent, intervene and resolve potential conflicts; to understand difficult behaviors and conversations and to respond effectively to them; and to ensure that an organized, efficient and legally compliant meeting occurs. Through the provision of process management visual tools and an IEP meeting demonstration, it is the LEArn & LEAd goal that participants will walk away with immediate tools they can use to lead the process in IEP meetings and improved skills that will support effective collaboration between parents and school staff, while also avoiding misunderstandings, distrust and anxiety that often can result in special education legal disputes.

Before and after the training, participants are surveyed to assess their level of knowledge and understanding as to the role of the LEA Representative. For over three years, more than 2,200 LEA Reps. have been trained in seven states and data has been collected from the Pre- and Post-Survey information and has been analyzed by Auburn University.  Currently, the data reflects that over 90% of the participants have increased their knowledge and feel more confident in their skills to lead the IEP meeting process.

For more information, contact Julie at or 251-607-7377.