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LEArn & LEAd:
An Intensive, One-Day Training Program for LEA Representatives--
The IEP Meeting's "Process Leaders"

Now Offered Virtually and In-Person
(with Proper Social Distancing and Other Precautions as Required)

LEArn & LEAd's trainings are offered virtually or in-person
with proper social distancing as preferred by the district or host agency.

Across the country, more and more local school principals and/or their administrative designees are serving as LEA Representatives at IEP meetings. In Alabama, where this occurs more often than not, Julie Weatherly recognized a need to provide training to those serving as LEA Reps at IEP meetings that would focus not only on the legal aspects of FAPE and IEP meeting process concerns but also on the process of leading IEP meetings in a way that makes them efficient, organized and legally compliant.  In 2014, Julie joined with Dr. Sally Earnest (a long-time expert in IEP Facilitation - now retired) and Dr. Timothy S. Havard, Director of Student Services for Auburn City Schools to create the LEArn & LEAd training program for school administrators and others who have been assigned the role of LEA Representative.  This jam-packed one-day program provides legal and practical information and resources to support IEP meeting process leadership skills and knowledge that will result in better meetings and increased conflict prevention and management.  Pre- and Post-survey data reflect a significant increase in knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective IEP Team process leader.  At the request of LEArn & LEAd trainees, a program has also been developed for special education teachers/case managers that focuses on IEP content legal considerations, as well as process leadership considerations.

LEArn & LEAd Sample Updated Manual